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OSDome Hemisphere Rev 7



The OSDome is the newest addition to the OS family. It offers a full hemisphere view of its surroundings and provides full coverage with best-in-class resolution - powered by Ouster's L3 Chip. 


  • Complete vision: The OSDome blankets indoor space with high-resolution lidar coverage, making it ideal for crowd analytics and floor-to-ceiling vision in warehouses.

  • Discreet design: With its compact design it can discreetly integrate into any room or onto any vehicle.

  • Clear data for clear detection: With 128 channels of vertical resolution, high precision, and dual returns, the OSDome delivers crisp data across the entire field of view to enable optimal perception algorithm performance.

  • Privacy preserving people tracking: Mitigate the privacy and liability concerns that come with traditional cameras.

  • Same architecture, new opportunities: OSDome is based on the same foundational digital lidar architecture as the rest of the OS family. 

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