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OS0 Ultra-wide View Sensor Rev 6


Ouster OS0 includes built-in IMU for SLAM algorithm support. It creates a uniformly spaced point cloud and pixel-aligned 2D camera images for more efficient data processing, faster labeling, and streamlined algorithm application.


  • Ultra-wide vertical field of view. Enhance situational awareness with the OS0's 90º field of view. 

  • Lightweight modular design. Weighing only 447 and featuring a modular cap design, this lidar sensor seamlessly integrates into your vehicle, drone, or robot.

  • Powered by L2X chip. The L2X digital lidar system-on-a-chip is the most powerful, highest performing chip Ouster has ever designed. 2X the signal processing power, 2X the data output to power Ouster’s latest Rev 06 OS series scanning sensors.

  • All-weather perception. With the L2X chip and dual returns capability, Ouster's latest sensors can detect objects through rain, snow, fog, dust, smoke, and other obscurants. The result is superior perception for any environment.

  • Rugged and reliable.  Ouster lidar sensors are designed for 100,000 hours of continuous use. IP 68/69K rugged, waterproof, robust to shock and vibration, and temperature rated from -40 ºC to +64 ºC.

  • Data quality.  The structured digital lidar data output and unmatched intensity data quality from Ouster lidar sensors improves algorithm efficiency and accuracy.


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