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Built Environment - 

Whether your organization consists of a single site or a geographically distributed ecosystem, Lux Modus’s application offers the latest digital tools to help ensure confidence in building outcomes and optimize performance of your people, projects, and processes.

Increased Collaboration and Communication

Break down silos with a reliable and up-to-date data set that is accessible in real-time across multiple stakeholder groups (divisions, departments, suppliers).

Harness an ongoing record of changes to your infrastructure to support predictive analysis on when maintenance is required and proactive plan and schedule activities accordingly.

Plan Preventative Maintenance

Modelling & Simulation

Get a sense of the outcome of planning decisions by spatially designing and visualizing development in relation to the existing environment. Three-dimensional mapping can help you consider how features such as terrain surfaces, sites, buildings, vegetation, infrastructure, and landscape elements, affect your plans.

Building Information Modeling is crucial for today's planning, designing, and construction activities.  At a large scale, city modeling is critical for the same activities as BIM, and Lux Modus technology has been successful at creating data to support both.

The example here shows how Lux Modus modeled a city using LiDAR data, to support the engineering analysis for potential routes for a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

BIM and City Modeling

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