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Operational excellence in the energy industry depends on improving reliability, reducing costs, and keeping people safe. By digitizing your infrastructure information, both for brownfield and greenfield projects, you can achieve these objectives and reduce risk. 

Reduce Site Visits

With a digital 3D map of your infrastructure, say goodbye to costly and time-consuming physical inspections by viewing and managing your remote assets digitally in LuxWeb from any Internet connected device. Site visits are also reduced, keeping your people safer and reducing GHG emissions.

Stay ahead of asset management and upkeep by planning for the unexpected. Our platform allows you to respond rapidly to emerging issues and schedule preventative maintenance to ensure continued safe and reliable operations.

Enable a Stronger Integrity Program

Build Stakeholder Confidence

3D maps are powerful tools for community consultation. Aside from helping stakeholders form a clear picture and understanding of your infrastructure project, they can also be used to model impacts and your plans to mitigate them.

Discover how Lux Modus helped a large global liquids and gas transmission map one of their remote northern projects – under the harshest of winter conditions – to help create a pipeline digital twin.


Read the Case Study

Digital record of construction supports virtual twin

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