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Transform Your Data into Actionable Information

Lux Web is a 3D point cloud and imagery viewer that converts your uploaded scans from field data collection into mappable point cloud images for GIS processing and evaluation.

You can remotely view where your asset is, what it looks like, and what surrounds it for proactive management that lets you get ahead of issues before they arise. Review the images and do simple manipulations, such as measurement, classification, and annotation before exporting the data to your own CAD or BIM system.

Get Your Data Faster

Within minutes of upload, your data is processed and available for view in LuxWeb or transfer to your cloud database within time for your construction or operations phases.


LuxWeb automatically registers, colors and classifies data, and outputs it in geospatial industry standard formats ensuring easy ingestion into GIS and CAD software.


Enhance Collaboration

LuxWeb makes it easy to annotate data,  facilitating the reviewing, tagging, or commenting on scans/images for quick information sharing between or across teams. All teams, anywhere work with the same information, accessible anywhere in the world from any Internet-connected device.


Understand Your Asset with Ease

With a digital 3D map of your infrastructure, say goodbye to time-consuming and costly physical inspections and instead view your asset directly from any Internet connected device anytime, anywhere.


View All Your Data in One Platform

No more multiple files to download. Our technology gives you a complete view of your dataset all in one platform.

It can also integrate with your other data collection systems (in-line inspections, drones, terrestrial scans) to giving you a holistic and comprehensive view of your asset.


Harness Peace of Mind Security

Safe, centralized data storage in the cloud. Plus, all or our web services can be hosted in the country of use to prevent cross board data security issues, and all services require secure login.

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