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Rapid and Easy 3D Field Data Collection

LuxGear is a mobile mapping hardware unit with integrated high-resolution LiDAR and imagery sensors. This mobile data collection platform can be attached to almost any motorized vehicle for easy scanning of the surrounding environment.


No Specialized Skills or Extra Infrastructure Required

LuxGear is easy-to-use with out-of-the box deployment—it takes mere minutes to become fully trained on how to install and operate LuxGear. The one-person setup and operation also give you more flexibility over who is assigned to collect data and when. 

Our one-touch data capture technology frees the user from having to manage the system while driving around the collection area. Procure scans without layering any additional cost and complexity to your project.

Omni-Directional Mounting

LuxGear hardware is fully self-contained. Simply mount it to any motorized object vehicle for mobile data collection. 

LuxGear can be mounted in several different configurations depending on your mapping needs. Rather than design a system for capturing a generic point in every direction, LuxGear implements an omni-directional mounting system. Based on the data collection requirements, the user can “point” the system in the direction and orientation most suited to the mission.

For a pipe in a ditch, for example, LuxGear would be mounted with the cameras pointed down. When mapping a mine, the hardware would mount it in the vertical position with cameras pointed in the direction of travel. In this orientation, the three cameras will only be imaging the mine and not the sky or the vehicle, and the LiDAR will be mapping everything in its sight ensuring the greatest value from the investment in the platform.


Go Completely Hands Free

Our LuxGear platform can be configured to be autonomous, with the upload of data from our mobile collection unit and the extraction and ingestion of base station data for data processing in the cloud fully automated for customers. LuxGear can also be permanently mounted on a collection vehicle and programmed to collect when the vehicle is moving making the system fully autonomous and hands free. 

Built Tough

LuxGear was initially designed for the harshest of construction environments.  We knew that if we could develop a system for pipeline and facility construction mapping in northern Canada, then we would inherently have a system that could be used for traditional mobile mapping, like highway or powerline mapping.

The LuxGear system has a proven operating range of -35°C to +45°C.  The rugged chassis can take a beating, but the modular design allows us to easily replace any damaged components in minutes should the need arise.


Capture the Most Value

Every LuxGear unit consists of a LiDAR sensor and three ultra high-resolution 13-megapixel cameras to create super rich contextual 3D maps at a price and speed not available before.

Cameras can be oriented to ensure the best capture of the desired target or application. No capturing of areas you are not interested in, so you are getting more for your data collection time.

Survey-Level Accuracy and Precision

At 2.6 million points/second, cm level precision and accuracy, and with Ambient IR (AmIR) capabilities, LuxGear is outfitted with the most advanced Ouster LiDAR sensors best suited for detailed 3D mapping needs.

Generous evergreen and replacement terms are also offered to ensure customers always have the latest technology and LuxGear’s modular design makes swapping our components easy and affordable.

Mapping for Any Budget

Own or lease your LuxGear hardware. We’ve got flexible payment options to fit into your CAPEX or OPEX budget and optimize the time and cost of getting 3D data depending on our needs.

By lowering overall equipment costs and eliminating the need for advanced software and specialized training, our systems offer the best value for your dollar and collection time of your 3D data, while still ensuring you get the most accurate and high-resolution 3D scanning technology.

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