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Electric utilities are challenged to adapt to changing demand and client needs, while ensuring grid resilience and reliability. Digital asset mapping technology helps power and utilities reduce site exposure and costs and enable preventative maintenance—all while improving remote collaboration and safety.


Reduce Risk

With a digital 3D map of your infrastructure, say goodbye to costly and time physical inspections by viewing and managing your remote assets from any Internet connected device via LuxWeb. Less site visits keeps people safer and means you manage a smaller workforce, saving you time and money.

Our mapping platform gives you the capacity to oversee your entire power ecosystem and zoom in as needed to manage inventory based on supply.

Boost Reliability


Detect Change

Our platform enables right-of-way monitoring to catch geo-technical events — letting you understand environmental impacts to your power infrastructure and helping you stay one step ahead of risks.

Vegetation management is a critical component of power and utility operations. Our 3D mapping data and viewing platform allows your organization to quickly assess vegetation encroachments and hazards, without the need for multiple field visits. 


Vegetation Management

Proactive Line Management for the Power Industry

Lux Modus classified close to 1,000 km of transmission powerlines to help a large power customer support vegetation management and clearing, surveillance and line rating. ​

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