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OS1 Mid-range LiDAR Sensor Rev 7



Ouster OS1 Rev 7 is the go-anywhere, do-anything lidar sensor that delivers the best combination of range, field of view, resolution, and form factor on the market - powered by Ouster's L3 Chip. 


  • Stunning point clouds. Up to 128 channels of resolution and up to 5.2M points per second, the OS1 features higher resolution than every other mid-range sensor on the market. The OS1 delivers clean, dense data across its entire field of view for accurate perception and crisp mapping. 

  • Modern range, more possibilities. The OS1 now sees 90 m on a 10% reflective target, and over 200 m at maximum range. That's why the OS1 is the sensor of choice for industrial automation, robotics, and mapping. 

  • Exacting precision. Clean scan lines. Sharp corners. Flat walls. Incredibly accurate 3D maps and digital twins indoors or outdoors. 

  • Built for real-world reliability. OS1 is designated to handle extreme shock and vibration and is IP68 and IP69K rated so you can pressure wash it when you're done. 

  • Autonomy ready. With industry-leading range and resolution, and 1000BASE-T1 automotive ethernet now available, the OS1 is ready to be the mid-range sensor of choice for advancing autonomy on and off the road. 

  • Embedded near-infrared camera. Ouster's L3 chip represents a major upgrade to Ouster's unique 2D camera data later. Now you can run computer vision algorithms on 2D data that's perfectly correlated with 3D lidar data, indoors and out. 

  • Industrial OS. For high-volume fleet deployments, Ouster offers the industrial OS version of the OS0 to meet the performance and volume pricing needs of the world's largest OEMs. 

  • Powered by Ouster's all-new L3 chip. The L3 chip delivers on the promise of digital lidar, with step-change upgrades to range, precision, accuracy, and reliability. 

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