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Ouster creates high-resolution lidar sensors for long, mid, and short-range applications that deliver superior imaging at a dramatically lower price. Lux Modus’s LuxGear mobile data collection platform uses these leading-edge sensors.

Lux Modus is also an official distributor of Ouster products.

Enmapp uses the most advanced data collection and geospatial technologies, including the Lux Modus solution, to help clients in the pipeline industry create a pipeline digital twin. The digital twin can be used to improve the quality, transparency, safety, and performance related to the construction and operation of buried pipelines.

Deltatee supports Lux Modus through electronics, industrial and mechanical design services to support the creation of leading-edge integrated systems for Lux Modus’s technology platform.

GNO-SYS provides end-to-end scalable remote sensing engineering services specializing in sensor systems. Together we collaborate to create our advanced automated data processing technology.

Sioux Technical is an Indigenous Pipeline inspection company in Canada providing certified inspection resources, a tiered training program for Indigenous capacity development, and technology-focused alternatives for pipeline inspection that leverage Lux Modus’s hardware and software collection systems.

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