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Mapping Made Easy

Maintain the integrity of your remote infrastructure. Build stakeholder trust and confidence. Improve planning, operational, and maintenance decisions. Our 3D mapping technology provides cost-effective, easy, and efficient solutions.

How it Works


Mobile mapping and data collection platform with integrated high-resolution LiDAR and imagery sensors. Can be attached to almost any type of vehicle for easy scanning of the surrounding environment.


Data uploaded directly to cloud for automatic processing.


3D point cloud and imagery viewer that displays imagery collected, lets you tag or comment on scans, and enables you to view all the geo-reference data associated with them.

Why Use Lux Modus?

Advanced, affordable, and accessible technology to map large, remote infrastructure assets—quickly.

“Lux’s 3D mapping technology saved my company millions of dollars as we were able to verify an important pipeline specification based on the images created during the pipeline’s construction. If we didn’t have that digital record, we would have had to dig up a portion of the pipeline compromising our budget and schedule.”

Infrastructure Program Manager in Canada’s Energy Industry

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The future of infrastructure management is here. Start leveraging the power of Lux today.
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